Introducing the 2022 BigCommerce Partner Awards

Introducing the 2022 BigCommerce Partner Awards

One of BigCommerce strengths is its diverse and effective ecosystem of partners and technology companies. Once a year, we recognize top performing partners through the BigCommerce Partner Awards program, rewarding those who go above and beyond for BigCommerce customers. 카지노사이트

This is the fifth year of the program, which has grown to include 18 articles reviewed by a panel of BigCommerce employees and executives. Each group has three winners representing their area of ​​operation in the Americas; Asia-Pacific (APAC) or Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

In today’s e-commerce world, it is becoming increasingly important for customers to choose partners who do great work. We are excited for all applicants and appreciate the expertise and hard work that our incredible global network of thousands of companies and technology partners brings to the table.

Partner Company of the Year

This award certificate is given to BigCommerce partner companies who have demonstrated their commitment to investing in the platform, working for customers, and creating profitable business over the past year.

America wins: Mira Commerce

Mira Business is a leading digital transformation consultancy that optimizes online business by providing clients with a combination of innovative technology and business services. They connect marketing channels with ever-changing systems that enable a truly personalized business.
Mira Commerce builds world-class e-commerce websites, and custom applications for cross-market sellers in companies and brands around the world. They excel at deploying complex systems and building full serverless cloud applications through MACH architecture. Mira Commerce is a team of collective experts who create unique digital experiences to implement the best customer experience. Their team is known for delivering results that drive customer success by providing customized and scalable business solutions. “We’re moving the market forward!”

APAC Champion: Mustache Republic

Mustache Republic is an innovative digital solutions partner specializing in high-end e-commerce technology. The company is known for solving complex problems and providing award-winning, best-in-class e-commerce solutions in the APAC region. 온라인카지노사이트

EMEA Champion: Calicantus

Calicantus collaborates for digital services, focusing on e-commerce and digital business strategies to improve the shopping journey. They develop complete services or activities that support online sales through their expertise in multi-channel strategies and the integration of their technology using existing management systems, sources and third-party platforms.

New Partner of the Year

This award is given to corporate partners who have excelled in their first year as a BigCommerce partner.

American Champion: CQL

CQL is a digital marketing company with over 27 years of experience creating business experiences and solutions to inspire brands and the people who love them. CQL’s unparalleled technical expertise and experience, combined with a cost-effective e-commerce platform, has helped retailers and manufacturers create online accounts, create new channels and transform mindsets. the world.

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, their clients include PetSmart, e.l.f. Jewelry, Wolverine Worldwide, Paula’s Choice, Stride Rite, Escalade Sports, Footwear Unlimited, Haworth and more.

APAC Champion: Web Force 5

Web Force 5 is a Global Partner of BigCommerce with 14 years of development experience.

They have delivered projects in almost every vertical, including varying levels of complexity, schedule and budget. Web Force 5 has highly experienced project managers and BigCommerce developers with more than 70 BigCommerce projects. Leaders in B2B, B2C, marketplace and complex integration.

EMEA Winner: Quba Digital

Quba is a digital business solutions company that helps improve business by creating customized digital solutions that empower your team and delight your customers. 바카라사이트

B2B Excellence Award

This award is given to corporate partners who consistently demonstrate their excellence in meeting the complex needs of BigCommerce B2B customers. America Wins: VSG Business
VSG Commerce is a professional services company that partners with BigCommerce to provide design, delivery and management services around the content, business and experience for launching online sites to B2B and B2C customers.

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